STADLER® Turn-Key Sorting Plants

With over 350 sorting plants and over 3000 components sold worldwide, STADLER®: is a market leader for sorting plants for the recycling and waste disposal industry. Each sorting plant works efficiently and is tailored to the customer requirements. STADLER®: takes great care to ensure high-quality materials and offers precision workmanship and professional assembly. 

The following materials can be sorted in the plants of STADLER®:

  • Light packaging material 
  • Paper and cardboard 
  • Refuse-derived fuel 
  • Film 
  • Municipal solid waste 
  • Commingled 
  • Plastic bottles 
  • Industrial waste 
  • Construction waste / bulky waste 
  • Recycling woods for the chipboard industry


   STADLER ® has been awarded several times Innovation Prizes for their smart solutions of separating
   unwanted substances out of mixed material compositions.

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