STADLER® Social commitment

Social commitment is very important for STADLER. 

Our general management sets high value on projects that improve the lives of people in need or children and teenagers and is very proud to be able to support them, both nearby and in the distance.  

The donations always go directly to the ones in need, without any administration costs and are made throughout the whole year. On Christmas time the donations pot gets bigger, because STADLER decided many years ago not to send Christmas gifts to our partners anymore, in order to be able to donate this money to meaningful projects. 

The institutions in the area of the headquarters of STADLER, in Altshausen, are strongly supported, as the company feels responsible for the town and its people. Here is a selection of the many projects sponsored by STADLER:  

Petra Weiß - animal based trauma therapy 


BUND School project "Ecological and fair consumption with pleasure and little waste"

This project will be financed by STADLER until 2021.  


Youth Center Association 


School for blinds in Baindt, Garden of senses


TSV Altshausen - Gymnastics and Sports Association of Altshausen


Projects of the Lions Club Weingarten


Project "Fit with fruits, we join in" for the Day Care S. Ulrika in Altshausen, providing fresh fruits for the kids of this institution.  

But also social projects outside our region and in other countries are supported:  

Construction of the catholic school in Pallithammam, South India 

STADLER was responsible for financing a big part of the construction of the catholic middle school in Pallithammam and on the beginning of 2019 STADLER bought a laptop and a projector for this school, so that the children there are able to hold presentations. This project is chaperoned by Father Antony Anantham, from Aulendorf.  


Renovation of a school building in Mpara, Rwanda

This project was carried out together with The Reiner Meutsch Foundation Fly & Help.  

Schule Ruanda
Schule Ruanda



   STADLER ® has been awarded several times Innovation Prizes for their smart solutions of separating
   unwanted substances out of mixed material compositions.

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